Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Spirit Is In Me!

I woke up feeling more energetic and motivated than I have for several days. At least the temperature was above zero lol

I took The Kid to school early today for choir practice and then dropped The Diva off at her school. As I was driving to and from Boulder I was struck, again, by the beauty around me and was so thankful that I can still get up every morning and take care of myself and my kiddos.

As I was leaving The Diva's school, I was also thankful for having access to such a unique school environment for her. This school is unlike any other in the county, in fact, unlike any other that I know about anywhere. She is finisher her first block this week and will have a month off (2 weeks for Christmas break and then a 2 week break before the next block of classes begin). She attends school every day and is excited about her next block of classes - Dance (P.E. class), Psychology, Advanced Lit (a college-level course!), and Physics. It's warms my heart to watch her blossom and use her talents and intelligence in a productive way.

So, all this to say, I was suddenly struck with a compelling need to tell the administrators at this school what a difference their concern and dedication has made in my daughter, and how grateful I am such a school exists. So my task for the rest of this week is to prepare a Christmas platter for the school to deliver on Friday along with my thanks. Now before you think I've gone completely off my rocker, the average number of kids currently in attendance is about 75 with 15 or so staff....this is totally doable!

The talent God puts in our hearts is different for each of us, and in His wisdom He brought together this wonderful group of people with tender hearts for children at risk. I am overwhelmed with the magnitude of this blessing on my family! So I'm about to hit the kitchen with my Living Cookbook, piles of Gladware containers, and a heart so full of thanks for prayers answered and lives blessed that I'm about to burst!

I wish for each of you abundant blessings upon your family this Christmas and a life full of renewed wonder.

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