Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plan B

So we were going to go to a Christmas party at L'il Bit's karate school, but silly me, I forgot to ask her if she wanted to go, just assumed she did. Well, she didn't, doesn't, whatever. So now I have nothing planned for dinner since this was a spaghetti-dinner-silent-auction party. Of course, I flung the fridge today (of leftovers haha) so nothing there that will help me out. On to Plan B.

Tomorrow is forecast for a HIGH of 14 degrees...what fool thinks 14 can be considered a high temperature?? Anyway, we're having a major bake-fest here tomorrow because what else can you do during such balmy weather, so a visit to the grocery store is necessary. That's where Plan B comes in ;) Since Friday night is our regular take-out-food-that's-not-really-good-for-you-night, we won't do that again, but I'll grab something I can throw together and we'll have a late dinner while we're sorting our cookie recipes. HA maybe we'll just start making cookies tonight and eat those for dinner :-D

UPDATE: just so you don't really think I fed cookies to my kid for dinner, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup -- and it was yummy!

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