Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby, It's Cold!

Woke up to a balmy 0.5 degrees this morning, glad the kid and I will be baking today! We got maybe 2 inches of snow overnight, and it's the powdery, fluffy stuff that you can just sweep away. Not that I'll be doing that!

Waiting in the wings for today's bake-fest are a variety of cookies, some old some new, and of course, Christmas fudge. The kid is thinking she is the family candidate to take over cookie baking for Gram, so this will be like her dry-run to see if she really wants to do it. A couple of days of baking hundreds of cookies and pounds of fudge sounds glamorous.....

We'll post some pics of the finished products, a taste-test review, and the recipes we used on Just Recipes (link on the right).

Let the games begin!

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