Monday, February 2, 2009

I Won!!

I don't often enter contests and I never play the lottery, in fact, the last time I won anything in a contest was October 1985...I won an all-expenses paid trip to France from a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. I was planning to go the following April 1986 I got rear-ended - HARD - by a UPS truck and sustained compression fractures in my neck and back and severe damage to my knee. Bye-bye Paris. The prize expired one year from the award date, so by the time I recovered enough to get my doctor's okay to travel it was long gone. I entered other contests and sweepstakes, to no avail, and eventually grew bored and stopped altogether.

Fast-forward to the present - I absolutely **love** all the blog give-aways I'm seeing - who knew there was such a thing?! Since joining Twitter and finding such great tweeps to follow, a whole new world has opened up for me! I have hesitated to enter because I wasn't sure exactly how to follow all the rules and I'm new to blogging so I watched and read for a while, then I entered one. I think I messed up a little but that's ok, it was my jump into the pool of giveaways that are actually things you would want to win!

With one entry under my belt, I decided to try again, and boy I gotta tell ya I was HOT to win this one - an e-course on organizing your home from Take Charge Solutions - something I need Desperately right now! I went to Organizing with Sandy Reviews and entered, feeling pretty sure I did everything right this time. And then...BOOYA...I Won I Won I Won!!! I'm *still* doing The Happy Dance! My first lesson just arrived via e-mail ready for download and action, so that's where I'm heading off to now. I'll keep you posted as I progress, but in the meantime, you really should check out Marcia Francois at Take Charge Solutions and Organizing with Sandy (you can click on Sandy's button on the right) for some awesome giveaways!


p.s. When I'm done with my first lesson, I'm going to enter some more giveaways :)

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