Monday, February 23, 2009

Ahh Monday Morning

After a challenging weekend, I am enjoying an early Monday morning. I had been moving right along with decluttering, spring cleaning, and generally sprucing up our home when I suddenly and quite unexpectedly experienced pain I can't even describe throughout my entire body and a fatigue so deep I could barely make it to bed. To top it off, I must have caught something one of the girls has had over the past few weeks - horrible sore throat and deep respiratory cough. I guess I should have known taking care of sick kids would eventually catch up with me. I've been down for two days, but today am feeling much better, although I cautiously put myself at about 65% so I will be taking it easy for another day or two. Britni is off school today so we're going to spend some time fun time together - if that doesn't help me feel better, what can?!!

Have a blessed Monday my friends!

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Carolee said...

Sandie- You take it easy today! You have enough going on!I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers!