Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Waiting

I went to the doctor yesterday, my official 5-year milestone. I guess thinking about driving 25 miles each way anywhere from 2-5 times per month for the past 5 years has finally sunk it - I'm tired!! Ok, five years surviving ANY Stage IV cancer is a big deal, and IBC is particularly sneaky and nasty so I'm pretty happy about that part. I'm not better, but I'm not considerably worse than when I started this part of my journey, so holding fairly stable is an okay place to be. Now, I'm just waiting - waiting for my test results, waiting to find out if my new medicines are working, waiting to hear if(when) I will start chemo again, waiting, waiting, waiting. I'm tired of that, too! I have some extra concerns right now, not sure if my kidney is working right or maybe has some metastisis, so the doctor is checking that. I've been so very blessed not to have had any organ involvement at all, and I would so very much like it to stay that way :) So, we'll wait some more and see what happens. My healing and the balance of my life is in the best hands possible--my Father God!

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