Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coincidence - I Think Not.....

Haha I was just blogging about how much driving I do back and forth and guess what I just found? A cute little thing called a Console Organizer. It's a purse, it's an organizer, it's a carrier, it's amazing! Let me tell you about it, then you can click the Organizing with Sandy Reviews button on the right, or the Pouchee button, and see it for yourself! Then, you can enter to win one FREE!!!

I envision this for me as a carrier/organizer to hold lab results, valet parking stubs (no other choice but valet park at the hospital), a few small snacks for long chemo days, car keys, cell phone, appointment cards, even a notepad to jot things down before my short-term memory crashes yet one more time. This is something small you can grab and go. I am so loving this organizer I'll have to buy one if I don't win one!! Of course, it can be used for just about anything that needs organizing, and I know we all have something that can be better organized :)

What are you waiting for - click the button!