Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 Weeks?! Yikes!

I SO intended to do a better job posting regular tidbits to my blog, even if it was just mundane everyday stuff - but 2 weeks without a post - that's not very regular! I guess I could blame it on "stuff" happening that stole away my time, but the truth is, I just didn't have the motivation to do it. Well, let's catch up....

My test results were not surprising - blood pressure up AGAIN so I'm back on meds for that, tumor markers are up and if they're up again in February I'll have to change cancer meds yet again, I think I have one or two options before having to go back to chemo. I did manage to gain a pound - at least one number is moving in the right direction! I had a couple cycles of migraines and arthritis flair-ups recently, but have been feeling pretty decent for the most part.

Sami went back to school today after a month-long break. While she was home she was able to complete almost all 70 hours of her community service (I think she has less than 20 hours left), and her alcohol aversion class. I'll be so glad to put her missteps behind us! Her report card was stellar - 5 As and 2 Bs. She was very excited to start a new term today and is anxious for new classes. She requested Dance and Yoga, Psychology, and an AP Literature class.

Britni is home sick today, I think it's another anxiety attack. Seems like these are getting worse and more frequent, and I still on the hunt for a good adolescent counselor. I did get a good recommendation from a dear friend and will call today. In the meantime, I've got to run out for more chicken soup and Gatorade for my little sweetie. I've got a few coupons for on-sale items that I will take advantage of while I'm out.

I'm on a major declutter mission in my home this week and will post all about it later today after I get Britni settled and feeling better. I was dreading getting started but now that I have, it's actually been fun and very liberating. Can't wait to share!

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