Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moving On.....

Hopefully this will be my last post for a while on this phase of my journey with IBC. I say that only because I make a point of not letting cancer define me and I never want it to be all-consuming of my daily life and activities. So that said, here's the plan for moving on :)

MRI/CT scans on April 27 to check radiation effectiveness, any tumor left, extent of sternum mets, etc. Barring any surprises, start weekly chemotherapy infusion of Avastin and Gemzar (about 2 hours once a week) on May 7. This will be ongoing indefinitely. I've done this combination before and it's not too rough.

Plan in place ~ time to get back to my fun life LOL

Watch out later today for a REALLY FUN post of my day today (or maybe tomorrow depending on my energy level later) ~~ I just can't wait - it all starts in an hour WOOHOO Don't forget to come back you won't want to miss it <3

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Carolee said...

Good to see you back, even for a short while. Hope everything goes alright and you'll be back soon.

Have a Happy Easter-have fun!