Friday, April 17, 2009

Escape Uptown

I finally made it back to post about the wonderful day Sami and I had last Saturday. I treated her to a mini-spa day of sorts. I even managed to get some pictures! Since it's taken me so long to post this, let's not waste any more time - follow me to Escape Uptown and my fabulous stylist Stephanie as she treats my eldest daughter like a Queen for an Afternoon :)

We had an appointment at 11am Saturday morning, and we arrived a little early, Starbucks in hand, anxious to get started. Sami was started off with a new hair color. Fortunately, she already knew what she wanted and was able to quickly select a combination that turned out to be such a perfect match for her skin tone it was as if she was born with it! Color on!

After the color, it was time for shaping up her cut and thinning out her hair. Sami has very thick hair and it is very wavy/curly. She spends a couple of hours straightening it daily (why is beyond me!) so she wanted a good thinning to add some texture and reduce the time she spends on her hair every morning. The cut is beautiful!

Next, we both went in for a parafin manicure. Sami has never had a manicure and I've never had a fancy one so this was fun. You get your hands put into plastic bags with melted parafin max then wrapped in cotton mitts while the wax mositurizes your hands. The parafin bags just slide right off - it's a bit odd but it was a fun, silly thing I'm glad we did.

Finally, Sami wanted to try a tanning bed. Unfortunately, she had read up the night before about the dangers of tanning beds and kind of freaked herself out once she was actually in the tanning room. The noise of the bed, the somewhat enclosed space, and her gigantic fear that the bed was going to start on fire sort of ruined it for her LOL We're back to Jergens Self-Tanning Lotion!

At the end of our outing, I dropped her off at boyfriend's house - you can see by the smile here that the day was a success! A radiant beauty!

Oh yeah I almost forgot - my hair finally fell out where I had radiation so while Stephanie was waiting for the color to work it's magic on Sami I had her shave my head ...... I gotta say it feels better :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, nice new looks on both of you!

Rebecca said...

Oh I'm so glad y'all to have such a great time!!

shweetpotato said...

Your daughter is beautiful and so are you, I remember when I had to shave my head after my stroke how COLD it was when it was windy lol, but when it grew in and I could spike it all up I loved it LOL, Carm

Sandie said...

Thanks Karen :) we like our new 'do's LOL

It was great Rebecca - just what we both needed and a special memory, too! Thank you for the beautiful card, it really meant a lot to me that you took the time to send me a personal thought xoxo

Hey Carm lucky for me winter is passing lol This is my second time around with no hair so I'm prepared! Can't wait for the spikes - that was a fun part of getting "new" hair!

Carolee said...

Somehow I missed this post!

You both look lovely! Glad to see you had a good time.

Hope your doing ok. BTW, I nominated you for an award! You have to visit my blog to see what it is!

C-Joy said...

Been thinking about you - hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! xoxo

Bonnie said...

You both are so Beautiful!!!
This reminds me of salon days with my mom too!
I hope you are well and that you have a great holiday weekend!
<3 <3 <3

Lynne Campbell said...

What a wonderful day for both of daughter just took me out for a spa pedicure...we both got one at the same time...she paid....She is graduating and I homeschooled her for 13 years so that was my present for her graduation.

You look GREAT!