Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't Worry....Be Happy!

I have an itchin' to write something but I don't know what! I don't feel like writing anymore depressing health news, it's been fairly quiet around the homefront, and I haven't done a single noteworthy thing all week. What to write.....well, I feel like the Lord is urging me so let me just see what comes off the keyboard.

I have a wonderful, beautiful, loving cousin in Oregon. She has a heart for God and His children that is strong and true. And I love her dearly. I don't get to see her very often, in fact, the last time was a couple of years ago. She came out to Colorado for a week to help me put my house in order. Can you even imagine that?! She flew out here to unclutter and reorganize me so I would have a happy place in my home. I called her this morning to update her on my latest bump in the road and here is what really keeps me going:

My cousin was a little weepy at times as we talked. I know and understand her fears, I have them, too, but I can't allow them any playtime in my life. So I told her--I don't know why I have this disease and of course, I don't know how it's going to play out in the end. But what I do know, and I mean what I do know, is that anyone who looks at me must understand that I do not possess the strength or the will to live through this...but GOD does! If one person - just one - has their heart changed because I told them GOD holds me and gives me every single thing I need, then He is glorified and someone is saved...and that makes it worth it. That keeps me going - the strength of my Lord, the glory of my God, the grace I don't deserve that my Father gives me anyway. I am not amazing, but GOD is!

Don't cry for me, and try not to worry too much. Instead, say a prayer and give yourself over to your Father for care and guidance. Remember, we didn't always like what our earthly parents had to say or made us do, likewise with our Heavenly Father. But in His case, He really does know best ;-)

I give myself up to The Lord My God and place my heart and soul in His hands for safekeeping, forever and ever. I pray the same for you.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Carolee said...

You are right- it is in "His" hands. All we can do is have faith.